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Degree in administration

Manage business organizations of all kinds (profitable, private, non-profit, public), in various sectors of the economy for their planning, organization, advice, control and the creation of companies, developing research in the administrative area and teaching in the Institutions of Higher education or training in companies.

Accounting degree

Manage accounting information based on accounting and financial analysis of the different entities, with the application of tools, techniques and models, which are apply to the financial statements of an organization, to obtain information in a of data and relationships, which reflect its economic behavior.

Accounting degree

Train educational professionals who possess the theoretical, methodological and procedural knowledge necessary for the management and improvement of the quality of educational processes in institutions, organizations, companies, and / or social groups, attending to their internal requirements and their social relevance.

Law degree

Solve legal problems from the impartation of justice in the normative, social and axiological dimensions of Legal science, making use of the techniques, procedures and methodological tools of legal scientific research and practice teaching in Higher Education Institutions in undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

Marketing degree

Train marketing professionals with deep knowledge of the market and of the consumer who, by visualizing business opportunities, design and implement product marketing strategies, in accordance with the needs of the regional, national and international market with an ethical sense of environmental responsibility and of social commitment.

Bachelor of Tourism

The basic objective of the career is the comprehensive training of professionals capable of coordinating, efficiently, the human and technical resources of a specific organization in the tourism sector, to achieve its effectiveness taking into account the interrelation of the organizational system with its environment and among its parties, in search of social benefit for the country.

Computer science degree

Manage computer development projects throughout the socio-economic fabric (companies, research centers, etc.) for the design, organization, execution, evaluation, control and advice of these, with advanced engineering techniques and tools, making optimal use of the computing facilities through actions such as simulation, programming, analysis and modernization in different fields of computing.

study plans

Online degrees

Degree study plan
Degree in administration Download
Accounting degree Download
Bachelor of education Download
Licenciatura en Derecho Download
Marketing degree Download
Bachelor of Tourism Download
Degree in computer science Download

Degree options

1. Tesina
2. Report of work in the professional field.
3. Course.
4. Advanced and transversal degree studies.
5. Academic excellence.
6. Publication of a book.
7. Participate as a speaker at international conferences.
8. Demonstration of teaching skills in front of a group.
9. Participate in an academic body of research.
10. Creation / evaluation / update of a curriculum design.
11. Profesional Asociado.
12. Development of innovative projects.
13. Global knowledge test application.


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Official Identification (credential, passport)
Credential size color photograph
Baccalaureate Certificate or equivalent
Proof of address no more than 3 months from Antiquity (Telephone, Cable Service, Electricity ...)
Payment of Registration
Payment of number of subjects to study
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