The Training Division of GH H28, LCC has its offer divided into two entities Universidad Santander Puebla (UNISAN-PUEBLA) and The International Center for Evaluation and Certification H28 (CIECH28).

The mission of this Division is to bring to the market and to the personnel of our own group, opportunities for training and improvement as individuals, which allow them to develop their talent and at the same time contribute to the growth of the organizations in which they participate.

Our offer is aimed at working people who want to complete a professional career in Mexico or, failing that, a Postgraduate degree, from home in an online system that they can follow from home or work, concluding the degree in a minimum of one year to a maximum of 3 years 8 months, at a reasonable price and one of the best on the market, in an institution with more than 7000 graduates.

At CIECH28, we have certified training before CONOCER in Mexico and we can certify under ACT Standards in the United States and 124 other countries.

If you are dedicated to training and are interested in becoming a certified instructor or participating with us from wherever you are, and even being our representative, DO NOT miss the opportunity to do business representing one of our brands or seminars.


More than 5000 graduates support our 18 years of work.

The best option in Puebla to study 100% online with Bachelor, Master and Doctorate programs.

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International Assessment and Certification Center endorsed by ACT® and CONOCER México.

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