International Center for evaluation and certification H28

Our International Evaluation and Training Center Hare28 offers you the Double International Certification of Transversal and Fundamental Competences for Work.

Why become internationally certified? Because a certification guarantees that the person has the skills that international companies consider basic and important for success at work.

The assessment is conducted online at our accredited ACT Assessment Center, with the presence of a facilitator or supervisor, trained to provide assistance and support to participants.

For whom is this certification relevant?

1. Students and Professionals
2. Private sector
3. Public Sector (Government Institutions)
4. Education (Institutes and Universities)


Based in IOWA United States, ACT® is an institution dedicated to helping people achieve success in education and work. It is the US leader in college and career readiness by providing high quality performance assessments based on over 50 years of research experience.

Upon completing the certification, the participant certified an ACT WorkKeys Career Readiness Certificate® that endorses it:

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Certification offered by our International Center for Evaluation and Certification is based on the performance of an individual performing the evaluations of the first 3 skills in WorkKeys® system: Finding Information, Reading Information and Applied Mathematics.

Why only these 3 skills? Because 77% of all occupations require these three skills for proper performance.

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