About us

GE Hare 28 is a business group that works the priority sectors of the economy of the countries where it has a presence (Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, Spain and the United States), its business lines are governed by a Corporate that establishes the guiding axes and who controls action plans, policies and administration. Our diversification strategy consists of investing in priority sectors, assets and with strategic partners, who show experience in specific businesses that allow us to tackle the different lines of business in a competitive way, lines ranging from industrial, food and services.


Business mission

Offering real development solutions to the market through innovative products and services with a high market value, contributing as suppliers to the growth of our clients and their businesses.

Business vision

Be a company with a significant diversification of markets and products, participating in sectors that are little related to each other, with a solid legal and commercial infrastructure and innovative financial engineering and in permanent growth.

Business philosophy

Our philosophy is the subordination of the company, its resources and processes to people such as employees, collaborators, customers, suppliers and shareholders of this company, putting the best human good before the goals themselves.

Business values

The values ​​that exalt and characterize GE H28, LCC are:
Honesty, punctuality, respect, cordiality, equality, discipline and responsibility.br


Moisés Castillo Vallejo
María Rosa Gómez Arispe
Hugo Cabrera
Mabel Lorena Rivera R.
Carlos Alberto Useche U.
Marco Antonio Herradón M.
Marcos Guirliani

Current Events

New package in FDA certification process

Grupo Hare28 has a package in the process of certification to the FDA, which has the health conditions required by the export processes ...

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